About your health

You are advised to submit any medical questions, complaints or symptoms to your doctor or general practitioner or other healthcare professionals in a timely manner in order to receive professional examinations, diagnostics and possibly medical care. If you are physically ill, consult a therapist or physician and follow his / her advice.

In cases of illnesses, medical complaints, treatments or research, the information provided is only intended as support and is provided by non-medically qualified employees. In addition, we recommend that you never postpone the timely seeking of professional care or never neglect medical advice that has already been obtained based on the information provided by us on our websites or in our correspondence with you (via email or telephone).

The health food information should be seen as a general guideline that applies to non-serious, common and everyday complaints. They are not medicinal products and no statement on this website should be construed as a claim or representation that these products are intended for use in the treatment or prevention of any disease. Since complications or side effects can also occur with less serious complaints, it is important that professional medical help is sought in case of doubt and persistent or increasing complaints.

About pregnancy and breastfeeding

If a product does not explicitly state that it is intended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult a doctor or other expert before using the product.

About children

If a product does not explicitly state that it is aimed at children, you must first consult a doctor or other expert before giving it to a child.

About the information on this website

Despite the fact that all information on our websites and in our emails has been compiled with care and attention, it cannot be ruled out that information is not correct, incomplete and / or not up-to-date. Users of our information sources can in no way derive any rights from the information provided. Using or applying the information is entirely at the user’s own risk and responsibility.


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